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Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Termite Treatment

Pest Control

$35.00 flat fee* billed on the 1st of each month

Exterior Applications:

No need to be home! After the initial visit, all routine applications are made on the outside of your home to prevent pests from ever getting in. No more chemicals inside of your home!

Year-Round Coverage:

During a regular visit, our technician sprays around the entire outside of your home, building a barrier. We also sweep the spider webs where we can reach. If we notice any unusual activity, we will make sure to let you know.


Except to bugs and pests! "Is this pet safe?" is a very common question. Yes! We have designed the entire program around being safe for your family - both human and fur!

This program covers ants, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, and roaches (excluding German**).

*For homes up to 5,000 square feet.

**German roaches, fleas, and ticks can be addressed with separate treatments.

Mosquito Control

$65/Month Add-On or Separate Plan

Applications are sprayed every month. When we use our fogger, we spray the entire landscape down with insecticide. We use IGR (insect growth regulator), which renders mosquitoes infertile. They carry the chemical back to the water where eggs are laid. Once in the water, the IGR is released from the mosquito and kills the eggs. It's a process that just gets better with time.

Termite Treatment


Q: Does homeowners insurance cover termite damage?

A: No, home and structural damage caused by termites is not generally covered by most insurance policies.

Termites thrive in warm and humid environments (hello, Louisiana!). They are a major problem in our area and you should be proactive, not reactive! This approach could save you several thousand dollars in home repair costs.

Request your free inspection - our pest technician will make a full inspection of the property and send the recommended treatment plan, including the termite treatment, termite inspections, and filing of paperwork required by law.

At Matthews, we pride ourselves on being the most professional company possible. We maintain all of our licenses and carry full insurance to protect you, the client. We participate in as many continuing education classes as possible to ensure that we are offering the most up-to-date work and newest methods.

Structural Pest Control: License #00012381

Commercial Pesticide Applicator: License #00129904

Meet Dylan, Our Pest Control Manager:

"Hey! My name is Dylan. I manage the Pest & Termite side of Matthews. I have been in this industry since 2014 and have enjoyed every moment of it and the challenges it can bring. I enjoy interacting with clients and providing solutions to keep their homes pest and termite free! Ever since joining the Matthews team I have felt welcomed as if we were family. Outside of work, I enjoy being outside, spending time with family, and detailing vehicles."

"We use Matthews for a variety of services, but Dylan with their pest department is by far the best professional we've dealt with! He seriously knows his business and will take care of any issue he possibly can!"

Cheryl (Stonewall, LA)

"We use this company and are very pleased with everything they do. They put our bait traps out and when they came back to check, two had termites so we were right there on the edge of disaster. Thankfully, I am very comfortable with hiring them and using their method. I can't recommend them enough."

Linda (Shreveport, LA)

"This has been, by far, the easiest service and transaction I've ever dealt with. The Chick-fil-a of lawn and pest services. Much appreciated."

New Client (Shreveport, LA)

When it comes to bugs, pests, and mosquitoes, our goal is simple:

We kill, assassinate, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, execute, slaughter, butcher, massacre, annihilate, exterminate, mow down, knock off, take out, whack, dispose of with prejudice, neutralize, and slay bugs, pests, and mosquitoes!